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Productive and beautifully-designed  co space working in Land O’ Lakes FL. Proudly family-run since 2022.

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Community Manager

Picture of Bo Peng, the community manager of Mango Space Coworking Tampa
Bo Peng

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Picture of Bo Peng, the community manager of Mango Space Coworking Tampa

Bo Peng​

[email protected]


Land O' Lakes

2625 Stonewood Park Loop, Land O’ Lakes FL 34638, (Near HWY 54 & Dale Mabry Rd)

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Ready to ditch an ordinary space in land o lakes? Join Mango Space, where work feels less like a task and more like a community coming together.

Local attractions include:

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Where stuff gets done


Natural light births inspiration


Keep your stuff safe


Never run out of space


Your perfect rig awaits


Enjoy a change of scenery

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Rated 5.0/5 Out of 16 Reviews
Fernando Fnu
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This coworking office spaces are nicely decorated, comfortable, clean and modern. The virtual receptionist is very interesting. The meeting and conference room is spacious. I like they have the box to talk where you need a maximum privacy
Juan Echeverry
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Very neat office set up, very high tech equipment and great service!
Jay Silver
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If you’re a small business or start up entrepreneur, looking for a month-to-month, no long-term contract and a beautiful space for you and your team, I recommend you check out mango space.
Nick Martinelli
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Such an amazing space and value, Bo is such a great partner in the shared working arena
Frequently Asked Questions

Mango Space is a pioneer in Coworking in Florida, offers tailored solutions, including dedicated desks, private offices, and virtual office services, catering to diverse business needs.

Mango Space Coworking membership plans, provides access to amenities like meeting rooms and business lounges, fostering a collaborative work atmosphere in locations such as Land O’ Lakes.

Yes! The availability and advantages of dedicated desks at Mango Space, enhance focus and productivity for professionals seeking a personalized workspace.

Mango Space’s virtual office offers, virtual mailing addresses, mailboxes, and other services that establish a professional business presence, even in virtual landscapes.

Absolutely! The private office choices at Mango Space, are designed for teams seeking personalized and private workspaces in locations like Land O’ Lakes.

Booking meeting rooms with your Coworking Space membership is seamless at Mango Space. The process is designed to be effortless, ensuring that you have easy access to well-equipped meeting spaces that promote efficient team collaborations.

Absolutely! Mango Space is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community. We regularly host networking events that bring together professionals across our coworking spaces. These events provide a platform for connecting, collaborating, and creating valuable connections right in the heart of Florida.

Certainly! Mango Space encourages you to explore our Land O’ Lakes location through a personalized tour. This firsthand experience allows you to immerse yourself in the diverse workspace options available, helping you make an informed decision that aligns seamlessly with your business requirements.

Work Spaces at Mango Space Coworking Space Land O' Lakes

Nestled in the bustling heart of Land O’ Lakes, Mango Space offers a serene oasis tailored to the needs of professionals seeking premium working spaces in a co-working environment. Our coworking space seamlessly blends functionality with comfort, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish. At Mango Space, the allure of a traditional office is reimagined, providing a multitude of tailored office spaces that cater to the varied demands of today’s freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

When you step into the Mango Space Land O’ Lakes coworking space, the ambiance of collaboration is palpable. Individuals from diverse professional backgrounds converge under one roof, each finding their unique nook within our expansive co-working space. We’ve designed our space with a deep understanding of what drives focus and efficiency—providing an array of coworking spaces to suit both solitary and collaborative work styles.

The appeal of Mango Space lies not only in the quality of the physical space but also in the community it fosters. Our Land O’ Lakes coworking space embodies a culture of synergy, where networking and support are integral. Each coworking space at Mango Space is crafted to inspire and enable—you’ll find a collection of thoughtfully appointed workstations, private offices, and open-desk layouts, all equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of Mango Space’s offering. Whether you’re searching for an open-plan co-working space for brainstorming sessions or require a quieter spot for deep concentration, our Land O’ Lakes location offers various configurations. At Mango Space, we understand that the concept of “space” extends beyond mere physical dimensions—it encompasses the atmosphere and services which bolster one’s work experience. Besides accommodating diverse professional needs, we provide amenities that support work-life balance, making Mango Space a paragon among coworking spaces.

Indeed, for those in the region, Mango Space is a synonym for versatility and professionalism. Our coworking spaces are a testament to intelligent design, optimizing both comfort and utility. We take pride in our ability to cater to individual preferences while also nurturing a collective growth mindset. In the quest for an excellent co-working space in Land O’ Lakes, Mango Space stands distinguished, eagerly welcoming all who seek a harmonious blend of productivity and community.

Mango Space is more than just a workplace; it’s a dynamic environment where ideas are honed, and ambitions are pursued. As the demand for flexible office spaces soars, we remain committed to evolving and accommodating the shifting landscapes of the professional world. We invite you to experience the exceptional caliber of our coworking spaces, where every aspect is aligned with the vision of providing an unsurpassed working experience in Land O’ Lakes.

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Compare Land O’ Lake Office Space and Coworking Space Land O Lakes

When delving into the thriving business community of Land O’ Lakes, the decision between opting for traditional office spaces and contemporary coworking spaces can be pivotal. Mango Space Coworking Space Land O’ Lakes provides a premium alternative to the conventional office space by offering a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. As we evaluate the offerings, the distinctive advantages of coworking spaces become apparent, especially in the region of Land O Lakes where the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in all of the rooms.

The landscape of work is shifting, and the demand for flexible, cost-effective solutions is on the rise. Land O’ Lakes coworking spaces cater to this trend, presenting a plethora of amenities that are often out of reach for individual office spaces. At Mango Space, professionals enjoy high-speed internet, state-of-the-art conference rooms, and communal areas that encourage networking. Unlike the isolation often felt in private office spaces, coworking spaces in Land O Lakes offer a sense of community that can lead to new collaborations and business ventures.

Furthermore, Mango Space Coworking Space Land O’ Lakes addresses the scalability needs of growing businesses. As teams expand or contract, coworking spaces provide the flexibility to adjust the amount of space utilized without the long-term commitments associated with traditional office spaces. This aspect is particularly attractive for startups and freelancers in the Land O’ Lakes area, where agility is key to responding to an ever-changing market landscape.

Coworking spaces are also ideal for those seeking a balance between work and personal life. Mango Space, nestled in the heart of Land O Lakes, offers a vibrant setting adorned with modern furnishings and ergonomic workspace solutions—factors that contribute significantly to productivity and well-being. The contrast between the typically static nature of office spaces and the dynamic atmosphere of coworking spaces is stark; the latter is designed to energize its inhabitants and cultivate an environment that is as inspiring as it is functional.

While Mangospace Coworking Space Land O’ Lakes champions these modern work-style virtues, the choice between coworking spaces and traditional office spaces in Land O Lakes hinges on individual business needs and preferences. Some may value privacy and the permanence of an office space, while others prioritize flexibility and community inherent to coworking spaces. It is crucial to consider these factors alongside budgetary constraints and company culture when contrasting coworking spaces and office spaces in the vibrant community of Land O’ Lakes.

In conclusion, the debate between coworking spaces and office spaces in Land O’ Lakes is nuanced, each presenting its unique set of benefits. Mango Space Coworking Space Land O’ Lakes emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking premium working spaces that are adaptable, community-oriented, and designed with the modern professional in mind. Ultimately, the decision rests upon which environment will serve as the catalyst for your business’s growth, productivity, and success within the thriving hub that is Land O’ Lakes.

Get 50% Off Your First Month in an Office Space at Mango Space

Discovering the ideal coworking space in the prosperous region of Land O’ Lakes can be a pivotal moment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking premium office solutions. Mango Space acknowledges the growing demand for flexible and affordable work environments, prompting us to offer an enticing incentive: 50% off your first month in any of our meticulously designed office spaces. Our Land O’ Lakes coworking space seamlessly blends comfort and professionalism. It serves as a hub for networking and collaboration in every one of our rooms, making it the quintessential co-working space for innovative minds.

When you choose Mango Space, you aren’t simply selecting an office; you are embracing a community-centric atmosphere that fosters productivity and growth. The office spaces at Mango Space are crafted with your business needs in mind, accommodating individuals and teams in a serene and stimulating environment. It’s evident that compared to traditional Land O’ Lakes office spaces, our coworking space provides an unparalleled synergy among professionals from diverse industries.

The office spaces at Mango Space cater to a variety of professional demands, providing amenities that elevate your work experience. From high-speed internet to conference rooms and lounge areas, each space is engineered to enhance efficiency and innovation. Whether you’re comparing Land O’ Lakes office space options or considering a transition from a conventional setup to a coworking space, Mango Space offers versatility and value that’s hard to surpass.

As we delve deeper into the rewarding opportunities within our co-working space, it becomes clear why Mango Space stands out in the Land O’ Lakes region. The blend of flexibility, state-of-the-art facilities, and an invigorating work atmosphere is why entrepreneurs and established businesses alike are drawn to our coworking space. Availability of office space can often be a constraint in your quest for the perfect work environment, but Mango Space ensures there’s a spot that meets your expectations.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a startup, the office spaces at Mango Space are adaptable to your business’s lifecycle. Entering the Land O’ Lakes coworking space arena with a limited-time offer, now is the opportune moment to explore the coworking phenomenon that is reshaping the future of work. We invite you to compare Land O’ Lakes office spaces with the comprehensive and vibrant co-working space experience provided at Mango Space. Elevate your workday, connect with like-minded professionals, and enjoy substantial savings on your office space with our introductory offer.

At Mango Space, we understand that each professional has unique needs, which is why our coworking spaces are designed to be both dynamic and conducive to personalization. Join us today, and be part of a community that values connection, creativity, and comfort. Embrace the future of work and capitalize on the exceptional value only Mango Space can offer. Remember, your first month is at half the cost, symbolizing our commitment to your success and satisfaction within the Land O’ Lakes coworking space ecosystem.

Try Out Our New Coworking Space in Land O’ Lakes, FL For Free Today

Discover the exceptional blend of functionality and comfort at Mango Space, a premier coworking space that promises a transformative working experience in the heart of Land O’ Lakes. Whether you’re a freelancer, a budding entrepreneur, or part of a dynamic startup, our Land O Lakes coworking space offers the perfect backdrop for your professional pursuits. With contemporary amenities and a vibrant community, Mango Space empowers you to unleash your potential amidst like-minded professionals.

Stepping into Mango Space, you’ll encounter a thoughtfully designed environment that merges style and substance. Our coworking domain does not merely house your professional endeavors; it nurtures them. Each corner of our facility has been meticulously crafted to ensure that every moment you spend here is both productive and pleasant. As you explore the coworking landscape in Land O’ Lakes, you’ll quickly appreciate the Mango Space difference.

The acquisition of an office space at Mango Space is not just a mere transaction – it’s an invitation to join an eclectic network of innovators and thought leaders. Compared to traditional Land O Lake office spaces and other coworking spots, Mango Space stands out with its community-driven spirit and emphasis on collaboration. Here, within the bustling corridors and tranquil work nooks, success stories are written daily. Seize the opportunity to carve your niche in our coworking community, which thrives on synergy and shared success.

At Mango Space, we celebrate the spirit of collaboration, which is the driving force behind every coworking hub. Our Land O’ Lakes coworking space transcends the conventional workspace model, offering an energetic arena where ideas collide and flourish. Whether you’re engaging in a brainstorming session or anchoring down in solitude, the coworking ethos at Mango Space energizes your work routine. Land O, with its serene backdrop and booming business landscape, provides an idyllic setting for our coworking sanctuary.

In recognition of the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and professionals across various industries, Mango Space has tailored an array of work solutions that resonate with the dynamics of modern business. With a multitude of options ranging from hot desks to private offices, our coworking spaces cater to a spectrum of preferences and requirements, each laced with the signature Mango Space touch. Lakes of creativity and oceans of opportunity await within our walls – your quintessential workspace paradise.

As a token of our commitment to your success, we invite you to try out Mango Space Coworking Space Land O’ Lakes without any obligation. Today marks the perfect occasion to immerse in our unique ecosystem, as we’re offering a no-cost, no-strings-attached trial. Experience firsthand the magnetic allure of Mango Space, where every detail is engineered for excellence. And for those ready to make a longer-term commitment, enjoy an exclusive 50% off your first month in an office space at Mango Space. Let the shores of Land O Lakes be the foundation upon which you build your professional legacy.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to elevate your work experience with a coworking space that surpasses all expectations. Join us at Mango Space Coworking and witness the future of collaborative work spaces unfold right in the heart of Land O. Reach out today and begin a journey that promises growth, innovation, and community, all encapsulated within Land O’ Lakes’ prime coworking destination. Mango Space – where your ambition takes flight.

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